Business Overview

Ravenscraft Implement Incorporated located in Whitewater, Kansas since 1962, is a multi-million-dollar corporation providing sales, service, and parts for a leading agricultural equipment manufacture. In 1962 the business name was originally "Ravenscraft Implement and Oil Company". My Grandfather (Sam Ravenscraft) originally sold petroleum and "Allis Chalmers" agricultural products. In 1970’s my Uncle Jay Ravenscraft purchased this business from is Dad. The mission of business slowly transitioned out of petroleum products and primarily became focused on agricultural sales. The 80’s and 90’s started out reasonably strong with agricultural sales growing.

In the 90’s the business took on another line of agriculture equipment by the name of “Zetor” tractor. This was the beginning of a transition period from U.S. built equipment to foreign built tractors. “Zetor” sales somewhat carried company sales through the early 90’s and in 1994 took on “Kubota” a Japanese built machine. The Japanese product was better defined as a more superior quality of product. Sales of Kubota products experience great growth with “Zetor” and “Allis Chalmers” sales on the decline. In the 90’s business with these vendors declined to the point it was no longer feasible to continue doing business with these companies.

Currently to date, the business has gross products sales of 3. 5 million dollars. With 80 percent of sales directly linked to the new and used sales, service and parts of “KUBOTA” products. The Kubota Tractor Company is a world leader manufacture of compact-utility-agricultural tractors, utility vehicles, and lawn mowers. Kubota products primarily manufactured in Japan and United States are marketed worldwide. Kubota established itself in America in 1969 and has grown to be the leader manufacture of tractors under 40-horse power. Kubota Manufacturing of America has a network of supporting divisions all across America. With product manufacturing in Georgia, parts distribution and warehousing products in Texas, Ohio and California, along with engineering and technical support in California.


Short term goals: Strive to carry on with Ravenscraft’s business ideology current level of value of ideas in business practices. Continue mission to carry on with Kubota branding

Business model concepts

  1. Respond swiftly to customer inquiries.
  2. Being persistent with potential customer follow-ups.
  3. Execute customer transactions effectively and flawlessly.
  4. Simplification of the process to purchase equipment.
  5. Offer potential customers access to the business outside the normal 8 to 5 Monday through Friday business hours of operation.
  6. Treat customers with unconditional respect.
    7.) Repairs of equipment to be accomplished timely and correctly in the agreed upon time.


Continue on with the Ravenscraft legacy of business success by understanding and respecting the customer. Treat the customer as how I would personally want to be treated as a customer. Positive perception by the public provides reassurance to customer that he or she is investing in a company with good business practices. Reliance on positive customer recommendations is a very valuable tool in this business.

Maintain employees focus on providing good working customer relations along with knowledgeable responses to customer concerns. Like any business but especially in a small business employees of the company contribute greatly to the success or failure for a business model.

Ravenscraft Implement Inc.
223 S. Main Whitewater KS 67154
Phone: 316-799-2141